Complaint Information

Although it is a goal of the City to be responsive to the needs of the community, there are some neighborhood problems that do not fall under our jurisdiction. In general, the City acts on behalf of the public at large - we do not take action on behalf of one citizen against another. In other words, we do not handle neighbor disputes or civil problems that do not violate public law.

The following are not enforced by the City of Montebello Enforcement Division as they are considered civil issues for which the City has no jurisdiction:

  • Property line disputes;
  • Drainage between properties (unless governed by a drainage easement);
  • Tree roots or trees on private property that overhang or encroach upon a neighboring private property, or cause damage to a neighboring private property; and
  • Blocking of private views.
  • Parking on public streets (i.e. neighbors/visitors parking  in front of your residence)


The following is a partial list of violations and issues that do not fall under Code Enforcement's jurisdiction:

  • Inoperative vehicles on public property (contact Police Department at 323-887-1313).
  • Illegal parking (contact Parking Enforcement at the Police Department at 323-887-1331).
  • Vehicles left on the street for more than seventy-two hours (contact the Police Department at 323-887-1313).
  • Most animal related issues (contact Animal Control - SEAACA at 562-803-3301).
  • Loud parties and/or noisy neighbors (contact the Police Department at 323-887-1313).
  • Leaking faucets, vermin, mold and general housing maintenance issues for multi-family units (contact the Los Angeles Department of Public Health, Environmental Health at 562-345-6830).
  • Health and/or cleanliness issues related to restaurants (contact the Los Angeles Department of Public Health, Food Bureau at 323-780-2272).
  • Air quality issues (contact AQMD at 800-288-7664).

Should you need assistance and are unsure if Code Enforcement would be the proper Division to assist you, please feel free to give us a call at (323) 887-1490. We will be happy to answer your questions and refer you to the proper Department or Agency.

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